The October issue of Texas Monthly has a terrific article by Erica Grieder titled Money Makes the World Go Round. It is a very well written biographical piece about the President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Richard W. Fisher. Why, you might ask, is this important to me? Well, you’d be right to ask that question; however, if you read the last blog here, you might assume that it has something to do with Texas ATTITUDE. Right, you would be!

As Ms. Grieder reports, Mr. Fisher has a background that is Texas all the way, but that is not what I wanted to talk about. Read the piece in the October 2013 issue of Texas Monthly. There are a few things that Grieder says which reflect directly on the Attitude of Texans. First, she points out, that The Dallas Fed is one of twelve regional Federal Reserve System for the United States. The Dallas Fed, of which Mr. Fisher has presided since 2005, “It is the only Fed bank with a district that’s basically just a single state, and since that state is Texas, the Dallas Fed has a long tradition of being a pain in the ass. Historically, the president of the Dallas Fed tends to be one of the more maverick figures in the country’s financial system, given to plain talk and fiscally hawkish views.” Now, I ask you, is that a t t I t u d e? At the Federal Reserve? Yes, it is!

While the policies of the Dallas Fed are securely in the capable hands of Richard Fisher, the fact that under his leadership together with polices of the Texas legislature, Texas’ economic picture is the most effective in the Union. That probably adds to the attitude formula, don’t ya think?

In the article, Ms. Grieder mentions that among Fisher’s pals is the former President of the USA, George W. Bush. Okay, a President from Texas. As you may recall, we’ve had 3; Lyndon B. Johnson – 36, George H. W. Bush – 41, and Fisher’s pal, George W. Bush – 43. Pretty impressive when you consider that only Massachusetts with 4 Presidents, Virginia with 5, (George Washington – 1, Thomas Jefferson – 3, James Madison – 4, James Monroe – 5, and John Tyler – 10 – Wow!), and Ohio (Ohio?) had 6 Presidents, oh, and that Northeast Liberal Hippy Enclave, New York, has had the same number as Ohio (Ohio?)

Alright, so Texas doesn’t rank all that high with leaders of the free world, but we beat California with only three! And, except for President Reagan, we lead the pack in conservative legislators, and that may be the point of the article; conservative, fiscally responsible law makers can make the machinery of government and commerce work for the good of the people.

Grieder said something else in the article. She quoted Mr. Fisher; “Here’s the way I’d put it,” said Fisher. “I’d rather see the Texification of the United State than the Californification. California’s a beautiful place. I was born there, and I go out there often. It’s a stunningly physically beautiful place. But it’s an unhappy place. It sort of went past whatever that point is of balance.”

Now it is not my intent to put down the Golden State. I love California, as do so many other millions. This blog subject is to compare those things I grew up with in California to the things I’ve come to appreciate and care for, different that they may be, in Texas, my new home. If there are any Texans or displaced Texans that would like to comment on this subject, then, “Come on down!”