It took twenty years for Danley to write his first novel, The Tipping Point: A Wainwright Mystery.  Walter may type slowly, but he turns out some highly praised, fast-paced, thrillers !

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Critics say that if you like mystery and suspense tales with exhilarating thrills, blind curve plot twists, and page-turning action, you will love Walter Danley’s novels. Reading one reminds you of watching a suspense thriller movie. The protagonist of the Wainwright Mystery series, Garth Wainwright, is a character Danley created from bits and pieces of the many people he knew in the investment business. While the conflicts, conspiracies, and murders in these stories are fiction from the author’s fevered brow, the fraud, sex, and greed he writes about comprised significant elements of the multi-billion-dollar real estate syndication business of the late 70s.

Danley’s novels are easy to read, yet highly immersive. He employs the conventions of his genre in fine form and his narrative has a flow to it that’s natural and involving whilst his prose makes Wainwright’s story highly visual.


Walter’s blue-collar background is far from the emotionally compelling, high-flying characters he has developed in his stories. Walter served his country as a Navy Hospital Corpsman, and later as a medic in the Fleet Marine Force. You can bet that some of these stories will show up in Danley’s future novels.

Following his honorable discharge, he attended Community College at night while his daytime job was as a salesman of kitchen cabinets to developers of tract homes and apartment buildings. It is to one of those developer clients that Danley is eternally grateful. He encouraged Danley to enter the commercial real estate business. This fortunate experience began a four-decade career in the investment side of the property business. His achievements were recognized when he became a principal partner in a national real estate investment firm.

Danley is proud of his five grown sons, Two CPA’s, his oldest son is the CEO of a major pipeline contracting firm and two of his brothers hold management positions with his company.

The Danley sons mother was such a wonderful wife and mother that Walter married her twice. Now, this is where Danley’s story gets to be a little complicated.


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Walter has had four marriages to three women, all who celebrate a birthday between October 1st and the 7th (of differing years), or as he reports it, four Libra property settlements. The last of these happy unions (and they were all happy) was to Broadway, film and television actress, Christopher Norris. Danley proposed marriage on their second date. She accepted . . . five years later!

Danley’s novels are rich in international locations. Australia, Tahiti, the Lesser Antilles Islands, England, France, Italy, Wales (his ancestral home,) Scotland and Germany were places the couple traveled, either for location shoots , real estate transactions or an occasional getaway for the two of them.


Danley’s determination demonstrated during his career as an investment executive is revealed by the unscripted feel to his dialogue which comes across as authenticate and unforced. Couple that with superbly crafted plots and you have a mystery crime series that has garnered much interest and praise.

Because his firm owned properties located in most of the states,. Danley traveled extensively. Those long business flights were made more enjoyable in the company of paperback friends like Frederick Forsyth, Arthur C. Clarke, and Dashiell Hammett. And so began Danley’s love of books and storytellers.

In mid-career Walter refocused on his education and was accepted by Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business and Management. He earned an MBA from their Presidential/Key Executive (P/KE) program. During this period, he also served on the Real Estate Advisory Board for UCLA and authored the course Creative and Unconventional Finance, which he taught at five campuses of the University of California.

He was accepted at Claremont Graduate School of Business for their Ph.D. program but left after his first year when his partners considered selling their companies. The firm had become the largest owner/operator of apartment properties in the country and selling was the smart thing to do.


Danley retired to his home in Malibu, CA to write the Great American Novel. He completed the draft of the first chapter when an investment opportunity brought him back into the properties business. What little he had on paper of the untitled manuscript went into a desk drawer for a long sleep.

Twenty years later, after his second run at retirement, Danley pulled the manuscript out and reworked it into a sharp, taut, action-packed thriller that keeps you engrossed from start to finish. And with the publication of The Tipping Point, the Wainwright Mystery series was initiated.

Danley now lives in the Texas Hill Country with his cat named Baby. Walter is busy working on another Wainwright Mystery. When he is not writing, he is reading one of the novels by Michael Connelly, Sandra Brown, Robert Crais, or Lee Child. Since these are the authors that Danley reads most often, it is not surprising that his work has been compared to theirs.

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