Ariel Amiti


Hello; I’m pleased that you stopped by to visit. I don’t get a lot of visitors here, as you might imagine. Even if a reader knows about me from one of Danley’s books, why in the world would they go looking for an Assassin?

I’m happy to tell you that enough people do and I’ve got a nice solid practice established. I can pretty much choose the cases I take-on. I tend to think along corporate lines about my business. For example, our marketing tagline: We serve people who have people problems and the resources to solve them.

Of course, I wasn’t always an assassin. That started as a result of the training my government put me through. In the end, from the Israeli Army and Mossad, was that I’m well qualified to be either a politician or an assassin. I hate politicians.

Ariel Amiti Bio

My Mom and Dad were high school sweethearts—in Russia. They were among the first immigrants into what was about to become the state of Israel. I was born in 1946 at Beilinson Hospital in Tele Aviv. This was during the British Mandate period when the health care delivery system of the future state came into being. They named me Ariel Joshua Amiti. My folks moved to Kfar Hess, a small commune village in central Israel. But the thing I remember most about that time and place is happy. All of us were happy to be together and living in the beautiful little village. I was a happy contented seven-year-old when an army patrol stopped at my school. Seeing the army patrols was neither strange nor alarming. But having the patrol stop at the school was. They’d come from the village, my village. They told my teacher that they had engaged the Fedayeen just outside the village and both my parents were killed. By the acts of others, I’d become a different person. I was no longer a happy contented seven-year-old. Now, I was an orphan, a ward of the state. I was no longer a resident of my village, but was transported to a state facility in Jerusalem. All of this was done with the practiced efficiencies of a bureaucratic organization. The Israeli government, however, has learned to take good care of orphans, of which they seem to have a never-ending supply. I can tell you nothing about what it is like to grow up in a Jerusalem orphanage because I have purged all those memories from my brain. I hated being there and more, the reason that I was there. Gone, every single day of the ten years I lived at the orphanage I purposefully have erased from my mind. I joined the IDF—the Israeli army—at age seventeen. Something else was happening to me. I’d developed an intense hatred of Muslims.
When Israel became a state in 1948, David Ben-Gurion was elected as our first Prime Minister. But it was the new state’s fourth PM, Golda Meir, that inspired my future career choice. In the wake of the Munich massacre at the 1972 Summer Olympics, Meir appealed to the world to “save our citizens” and condemn the unspeakable criminal acts committed. Outraged at the perceived lack of global action, she ordered the Mossad to hunt down and assassinate suspected leaders and operatives of Black September and PFLP. It was to Major Ariel Amit that a part of that responsibility was given. My team and I were face-to-face with one of the targets, a person that had killed an Israeli athlete in cold blood. I’m not in the mood to debate what did or did not happen. All I’ll say on this subject is that under the circumstances I was not fully committed to the destruction of the target at that time. I ordered my team out of the building. The target was rendered unconscious, I followed. My team and I returned to Israel unharmed and safe. I was arrested as I entered my own county in service to that country. By the time of the formal Court’s Marshall, I’d pretty much given up on politics, politicians and anyone connected to the system. They were going to do what it was they wanted and I had few options to counter those efforts. Better to take one for the team and move on. I did. I guess you could say that a professional assassin, someone who earns a great deal of money for doing what I do, who acknowledges his intense dislike of the killing process is unique or weird, maybe even a bit crazy. Just like the results of the Army’s inquire, I can live with your opinion. In addition to my growing wealth, I’ve developed a few close personal relationships with people you would not suspect. You can read about my strange relationship with Garth Wainwright. We worked together in Inside Moves very well. It was harder on him, I think, because in the first book he found that I was the assassin of four of his business partners. Now, no matter what you think of your partners, you are unlikely to have a good feeling about the guy who took them out. I give Wainwright credit for getting past that sticky point in our relationship.
To a large degree, I try to recruit new clients from among the most violent faction of the criminal elements. There are two good reason for this. Those who populate these regions are apt to be more volatile than your average hoodlum. That being the case, they are more prone to engage in arguments and or fights that will require a permanent solution to the people problem. For many reasons, it is prudent for the client to retain my services as opposed to doing the deed with his own resources. The second reason is that the argument or fight is often from within the perpetrator’s organization. In this instance, an outside solution provided is ideal. My contact information is often whispered in the ear of the enraged young blood. If you read The Tipping Point, you know that Wainwright’s partners were eliminated by me under contract to another person. These were, for the most part, good men who did not fit in any way with the client picture painted above. To each rule there is an exception. I do not allow for errors in my work and rarely will I consider an exception to the rule. I understand that the writer, Walter Danley, has plans for a standalone novel featuring me. If all the folks that need to approve such foolhardiness in fact coalesce on a “go” decision, it will be interesting to see how they make The Assassin into a cuddle character that will sell books. Personally, I’m not having anything to do with it. I may not be paranoid and hate the idea of ending a human life, by me, for money, but there is no way that I’m ducking out on who and what I am. It could be that I am the only one here that understands. I’m a professional killer, an assassin. It’s not a pretty picture, but sometimes reality isn’t pretty.
Barbara Joyce Dreaver is one very unique woman. She captured my heart with her daring nerve and intelligent actions. You may have read somewhere of her exploits on Grand Bahama Island. I not only have read them but lived them with her during THE TIPPING POINT:And since Inside Moves is yet to be released, I’m under a gag order there as well. Love. A funny word. It means so many different things to those that use it. Even the time of day has a big influence on the meaning of the word. But for this character bio, let me tell you that until I saw BJ Dreaver’ s sleeping body, slathered with suntan oil, on her private veranda, in the Bahamas, I had little interest in the female form. But that wasn’t love, lust maybe, but not love. For me, love with BJ came later. But I’m getting ahead of myself. For an unknown reason, I’ve have never had any interest in those squeaky voiced female counter parts to the dominate male society. I’m as health as any male, but in puberty, girls just had no place in my emotional or physiological being. Oh, I dated in high school and college, but from a social acceptance point of view, not a romantic one. We covered all the big dances, proms, cotillions, etc. There were many female friends that worked on political campaigns with me, it is just that a romance was never an objective. I had neither time nor motivation for romantic involvements. I travel a good bit of the time. When I am home, my true occupation might easily be discerned by an observant young woman invited into my space. The condominium outside Tel Aviv is the single extravagant sign of wealth I allow. And that is not its purpose, in any event. The location, the safety features that are built into the condo and or the common walls of the whole property are to protect me from my enemies. What? You thought someone who knocks off a bad-ass’ buddie can strut around with his reputation hanging out? No. In fact, personal protection is becoming a larger portion of my operational budget.
Giving this section the title of “Other Loves” is a reach, but I think its accurate. Let me share my thinking with you. I am a mechanic and these are the tools of my trade. They allow me to work in many environments as well as they keep me alive. I love them and care for them for that reason alone. Fewer buzz : This ancient middle ages weapon is one of the most important pieces of equipment I have in my arsenal. It is light weight, yet, powerful. Compact in size and easily transported from job-site to job-site. It is silent. It can be used without revealing my position or presents.

My personal choice is a high-end version of the classic. Smaller, faster and lighter than its predecessor, TenPoint’s Turbo GT Crossbow gives you a definitive edge in the field. Fusion S™ stock has adjustable length of pull to fit nearly any shooter and has cutouts in the foregrip and buttstock to shed unnecessary weight. Machined riser, 11” IsoTaper™ limbs, MRX™ cams, Dynaflight 97 string and cables all work to propel bolts toward your prey up to a blistering 360 fps. Pro-View 2™ 3X scope with illuminated reticle lets you easily hold on target in any lighting conditions. Safety wings keep fingers clear of the string for enhanced safety. 3.5-lb. T3 auto-engaging safety trigger. Patented DFI™ Dry-Fire Inhibitor protects from accidental dry-fires. Aluminum stirrup is coated for durability.

YAMAM (Israel) Attack Knife: I’m never without it. I am as faithful to my Mossad issued attack knife as I could be to any female. The proper place for this most important armament is in its sheath/shoulder strap. Worn outside of the shirt, it has quick access in addition to being out of the way when not needed
When an Israeli counter-terrorism force gives you feedback on how to design a knife, you’re probably gonna wind up with one crazy knife. The Ari B’Lilah was created with the help of Yamam, a group that handles everything from hostage rescue to SWAT team duties and undercover ops. They gave their input to develop a knife that combined effectiveness with practicality. They have a lot of jobs to do, and the Ari B’Lilah needs to work for all of them. Civilian equivalent: Extremely Unavailable