Bet you didn’t know. . .

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. . .that  Mosquitoes 285x285_Mosquito_Bites_How_3are attracted to people who just ate bananas. That is an interesting factoid (from Snapple) and it has nothing to do with this blog post!

Writers need book reviews, like a mosquitoes need a human arm. (It’s a stretch, I know) and in my personal quest for said reviews I found a wonderful site, Readers get access to my book in exchange for a review. Simple! I’m going to try it, this Friday, July 31.

Would you like to help me by posting a review, getting a terrific Suspense Thriller for nada and finding other new authors that you will enjoy? Great! Click the StoryCartel link and you are off to a new adventure. Oh, thank you for the help. Have fun on Friday.

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