BLASTED PAST – Walter Danley



When THEN turns into NOW, you are in a BLASTED PAST

Jim Nagle was beset with more problems than any 54-year old investment executive could handle. His ex-wife had her lawyers on him, his estranged son was in jail, and the California State Franchise Board was chasing him for back taxes. It seemed that everyone was against him. The topper of it all was that his business was growing so fast he was mismanaging it.

Then, in a single moment of a heartbeat his life was changed forever. A freak accident thrust Nagle back 145 years in time. Could this be real? Did this really happen? Is it even possible? Time had just been ripped away from him and Nagle finds himself stranded in a small post-Civil War Texas town.

He couldn’t deny reality standing on the dusty streets of this frontier village. The town was populated with gunfighters, drifters, hostile Indians and prostitutes sprinkled among the solid German immigrant citizens that founded it. Nagle came to believe that only God could have brought him to this place. A life-long Catholic, Nagle had slipped from grace with the Church over the years. His being here could not have been an accident but a part of God’s plan. Nagle’s renewed faith convinces him that his Maker wants him in 1872 for a reason. But what is that purpose? Was he sent here to change history? What was significant about being put in this place at this time in antiquity?

And while he waited for understanding of his circumstances, he needed to develop new coping skills to exist in this primitive environment. The modern contrivances he always relied on hadn’t been invented yet. This was a whole new ballgame. In fact, as he soon discovered, he would need some specialized skills pretty darn quick—just to stay alive.



From the opening scene in Blasted Past, Matthew Nagle speeds down the 210 freeway in Southern
California at 140 mph in a Lamborghini straight into Walter Danley’s equally fast paced story that takes the reader from 2017 to 1872 in a seamless example of expert wordsmanship that makes this an impossible book to put down. Part Sci Fi, part Western, this is a cleverly plotted and compelling story with a cast of expertly drawn characters that reflect the rare talents of a novelist at the top of his craft. Unpredictable, unusual, and unrelenting, Blasted Past is a book you will think about a long time after you close the cover. The posted summary of the story does a great job of laying out many details of the plot, but you have to read the book to experience the complexities of living in the past and knowing the future—it’s a great concept and a highly recommended read.

D.B. Jackson


If you like surprises, you’ll love Blasted Past, an artful blend of reality and fantasy that will keep you spellbound. Don’t miss it.

J. A. Wishard


Blasted past is well researched and well written. It is not just a thriller and not just an action packed western written by a well-informed, knowledgeable, and wise writer. It is a thought provoking journey into the past and a testimony to the fact that people aren’t good or bad because of the color of their skin or their culture but their character is developed in their skin and culture depending on the decisions they make in spite of those units. I recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure, anyone who likes history, and anyone who thinks deeply.

Allison Kohn

5 Stars

You can’t beat Walter Danley for putting together the kind of story everyone wants to read. I am a big fan of his Wainright series, but this one blew me away. I am the author who states, “Research is the story before it’s written.”; No one knows this better than Danley. His research for Blasted Past is obvious to any who read it. The detail given throughout this compelling story is amazing! It makes it so authentic you might think the story is true! As an author, I am also a lover of reading, and I can tell you, this one is worth reading!

Donalie Beltran

5 Stars

Reading Blasted Past was very interesting because it was an unusual story. I enjoyed it very much. Walter, my son, the author, yes, he is my son, and I’m his 101 year old mother. He does a great story using many unusual facts and Texas hill country history. Do read Blasted Past. You will like it, and wonder how Jim Nagel is doing in Boerne, Texas.

Evelyn Danley


Author Walter Danley is an original. If you’re looking for good writing, action, and a new twist to your fiction, give Blasted Past a shot. From the opening sentence to the unexpected path this story takes, you will be immediately caught up in the very creative plot that you never see coming as you speed through it with a cast of great characters. Blasted Past is one of those well-crafted works that you expect to see on the big screen, but rarely encounter in a novel. Hint: Don’t start this one until you are prepared to read a lot of pages
in one sitting—it’s hard to put down!

D.B. Jackson

History and Action rolled into tomorrow

Blasted Past was fast paced, diversified, and informative. I love the characters and Walter just has this man’s way of bringing the action right off the pages.

Valerie F.

Jason via Goodreads

On paper, this book shouldn’t work…and yet I was enthralled with this Western (and I don’t even like Westerns), meets Fantasy, meets Romance, meets History. A stand alone novel from Danley, yet it has ties to his Wainright series. Not wanting to give anything away…this novel follows Jim Nagle on a journey from California to Texas, and back again, in the most circuitous route-and that’s about all I can say without revealing major plot points. An intriguing, engrossing and satisfying read!