BOOK REVIEW: Breached By John J. Hohn


It is a page turner with a complex murder mystery plot that will keep the reader guessing. Some readers might associate it as a psychological thriller. Still others would focus on the romance between the protagonist and his new friend, Diane. All of these descriptions are true, but none fairly define the gestalt of the author’s novel.

Wrapped inside the mystery is yet another kind of enigmatic story. . . the human emotional turmoil his protagonist, James Raker experiences as he pursues those who perpetrated the crime and his own lingering despair over the death of his wife.

Hohn writes with clear and concise prose, leading this willing reader deeper into the morass of a double helix mystery. You won’t need the cheap thrills of a car chase to have an adrenalin rush with this author driving the literary livery!

Joining the majors are some interesting secondary characters from Raker’s past. One in particular, Diane, will rivet your attention as the pages of her story unfold for your reading enjoyment. All of the author’s creations are complex and fully developed believable actors in Breached. The reader won’t find any rehashed prototypes borrowed from some other novel here.

The author has sprinkled wonderfully designed pieces of prose throughout the book. To share one such example, which will not lead to a spoiler, is this phrase. “A full moon peered over the peaks as it rose in the east and bathed the valley with a soft lemony light bright enough for the trees in the meadow to cast a shadow.” Passages like this are evidence of Hohn’s talent (and hard work!)

This reviewer enjoyed the read and, with a few minor editorial tweaks that should have been caught in a fine work as is Breached, would have given one additional star to the solid four for this well crafted novel.

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