BOOK REVIEW : Chill Factor By Sandra Brown

Sandra Brown is as intelligent as she is sexy. I admit that she is also one of my favorite authors. Her way of weaving the real world into a thrilling mystery is magical. The significant literary talents she employs are well displayed in Chill Factor. She mixes just the right amount of sexy sass to highlight the plot and embolden her characters. This is one of those books that a writer will ‘dog-ear’ to quickly find certain passages he finds unique or memorable. Writers becomegood writers by reading and studding the works of great writers. Ben Tierney is in the North Carolina Mountains. It’s where he earns his living as a freelance magazine outdoor journalist. But his current reason for being there has nothing to do with writing an article. He is inspecting a shallow grave. And a major storm is approaching that location. When he has to abandon his stalled rental car and find his way through the forest in a blizzard to the road, the plot thickens, as they say. The sheriffs recently divorced wife hits Tierney in the roadway with her car and wrecks it. Now, with his injuries and the storm, the reasonable thing to do is head back up the mountain to her cabin. The story only gets better from this point onward. You had better have on your” long johns” and a ski parka when you open this one. The story, in the capable hands of Sandra Broun, will chill you to the bone. This one will join the many of her novels on my bookshelf for re-reads.

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