BOOK REVIEW: Hog Heaven By Ben Rehder

Ben Rehder’s latest installment in the Blanco County Mystery series is just as masterly written as all the others in this series, maybe better. His characters are fully developed; from the sincerely serious County Game Warden protagonist to the two bumbling redneck jerks, Red O’Brien and Billy Don Craddock, with a loving touch of someone who knows them intimately. With a touch of country humor, and much moving around Blanco County Texas back roads and highways, Rehder weaves a web of mystery sure to please any fan of the genre.

In telling the tale the author offers two distinct life lessons; the sad results of homosexual intolerance by a few bigoted unaware rubes, and the behind the curtain crimes of big-time college football recruiting. Learning the lessons is half the fun of reading Hog Heaven.

Rehder never disappoints his readers. With a dry humor and clever plotting, he delivers a five-star entertainment that will have you smiling while page turning with delight.

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