BOOK REVIEW : King Ron Of The Triceratops By S.S. Paulson

It has been some time since I read books to six-year-olds, but I can imagine that my sons would enjoy the story of King Ron. As an adult, I found it odd that the title character turns out to be the villain. The real hero of the fable is Little T, Ron’s brother. Well, not brother by birth, but by being raised together from the first dino egg hatching. As Ron grows faster and larger than his siblings, it turns out that he’s not a Triceratops at all, but a Tyrannosaurus Rex. He uses his size and appearance to intimidate the other dinosaurs in the herd to make him King. And they do. But you must read the rest of the story yourself. Ms. or Mr. Paulson has done a service to kids by exposing the political reality of the world they will soon inherit. The other lessons of morality and fair play are equally subtle in delivery and just as important. The writing style seems to me to be appropriate, speaking to his/her audience at their age level without condescending or talking down to the audience targeted. The illustrations by Milagros García are well done and illustrate the plot points of the story. I received a copy of this book in exchange for my review and would say that a six-year-old would recommend this book and give it a five-star rating. And so do I.

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