BOOK REVIEW: The Grave On Peckerwood Hill By James Gary Vineyard



This is not a story that you have read before, but one you will think about long after you finish this well-crafted mystery. Fellow author, Donalie Beltran, recommended The Grave on Peckerwood Hill to me and I am so glad she did.

There are few things not to like about Vineyard’s writing style with one exception. The beginning seems to wander – trying to find its direction – before settling into the main story line. In the end, the author does a credible job of wrapping up all the seemingly disparate plot lines. On the other hand, his major characters are well developed and likable, all with a wry sense of humor. The relationship of Eastman and Doc is particularly enjoyable.

The author’s background in law enforcement work shows up in the Tom Clancy-like descriptions of police procedures and weapons. The authenticity of his narrative lends confidence in Vineyard’s expertise throughout the novel.

The Grave on Peckerwood Hill is a fast read at 440 pages, but enhanced by the need to keep turning pages. You won’t be disappointed in the ending or the way Vineyard leaves open the opportunity for another novel with these characters. This book is an altogether most satisfying five star entertainment. I recommend it to all adults who enjoy a romping good read.

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