BOOK REVIEW : Murder For a Moment By Donalie Beltran

Donalie Beltran continues with her same outstanding author voice that she debuted in the award winning true crime thriller Murder is a Family Affair, and followed with Trapped.

Beltran brings the same quality prose and intensity of the written word to fiction in her current offering, Murder for a Moment.

This is the authors first offering in her Wichita P.D. series and the introduction of her paired protagonists, Lou McGregor and the gorgeous but oh so dangerous Detective Donna Decker.

Murder for a Moment is a guaranteed page turner containing all the elements of a Beltran signature; an ending you didn’t even smell coming from the many clues the author served up for the reader to follow, and the happy ending reminiscent of a Dean Koontz caper.

This is a series that, as a fan of fiction, I can’t wait for book number two!

I highly recommend Beltran’s latest and give it a Five Star rating.

This reviewer was provided a copy of the manuscript by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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