Follow Garth Wainwright as he questions the death of a colleague.

Wainwright knows his friend skied those same slopes his whole life.

It was murder!

Determination forces him to look deeper, past the easy answers others have accepted.

THE TIPPING POINT is a Wainwright Mystery thriller thoroughly loved by readers. With an iron-clad plot, believable characters, and suspense enough to keep you guessing until the very last page!

When THEN turns into NOW, you are in a BLASTED PAST.

In a single moment of a heartbeat his life was changed forever.

Jim Nagle was beset with more problems than any 54-year old investment executive could handle. It seemed that everyone was against him.

A freak accident thrust Nagle back 145 years in time. Could this be real? Did this really happen? Is it even possible? Time had just been ripped away from him and Nagle finds himself stranded in a small post-Civil War Texas town.

He soon discovers he needs some specialized skills just to stay alive.

Amnesia Took His Past — The Mob Stole His Wife. Getting Them Back May Cost Him His Life

After a horrific car crash, Garth Wainwright has no memory of how he ended up with a wired jaw, a broken arm, and other serious injuries. In fact, he has no memories at all.

Following a hospital stay, he’s released with the clothes on his back, some keys, and a wallet.

His keys fit the lock, but as he stands in the kitchen, he feels like a burglar in another man’s home.

Electrifying action scenes at every turn, taking readers on a white-knuckle international journey into one man’s quest to regain his memories—and the love of his life.