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Amnesia Took His Past — The Mob Stole His Wife.
Getting Them Back May Cost Him His Life

After a horrific car crash, best-selling mystery and suspense novelist Garth Wainwright has no memory of how he ended up at UCLA Medical Center with a wired jaw, a broken arm, and other serious injuries. In fact, he has no memories at all. Following a month-long hospital stay, he’s released with the clothes he wore on admission, some keys, and a wallet.

A taxi drops Wainwright at the address on his driver’s license. One of his keys fits the lock, but as he stands in the kitchen, he feels like a burglar in another man’s home. After an exhaustive search, he finds an honorable discharge from the US Navy, a deed to his condo, and a marriage license. There’s just one problem: he has no clue who his wife is.

Eventually, he learns that his wife, attorney Lacey Kinkaid Wainwright, was with him during the crash but subsequently vanished. Is she dead? Was her body snatched? Was she kidnapped?

The LA Sheriff’s Department says the crash was no accident. Rather, it was a deliberate attempt to murder Wainwright. Logic says the person who tried to kill him is the one who has Lacey. But why? Wainwright’s frantic search for his wife and his lost memories stalls when he discovers evidence of Lacey’s hidden past life—a life that offends him and his sense of morality. Even so, he’s committed to tracking her down and freeing her from whoever’s holding her hostage, no matter the cost.

When Lacey’s captor, the head of a vast crime cartel, is identified, Wainwright launches a perilous international rescue mission with the help of his longtime friend Greg Mulholland of the FBI, Boston DA Investigator Renato Wilson, and an extremely unlikely and deadly ally, whom he must learn to trust to save Lacey before it’s too late.

With electrifying action scenes at every turn, author Walter Danley takes readers on a white-knuckle international journey into one man’s quest to regain his memories—and the love of his life.

Blasted Past



When THEN turns into NOW, you are in a BLASTED PAST

Jim Nagle was beset with more problems than any 54-year old investment executive could handle. His ex-wife had her lawyers on him, his estranged son was in jail, and the California State Franchise Board was chasing him for back taxes. It seemed that everyone was against him. The topper of it all was that his business was growing so fast he was mismanaging it.

Then, in a single moment of a heartbeat his life was changed forever. A freak accident thrust Nagle back 145 years in time. Could this be real? Did this really happen? Is it even possible? Time had just been ripped away from him and Nagle finds himself stranded in a small post-Civil War Texas town.

He couldn’t deny reality standing on the dusty streets of this frontier village. The town was populated with gunfighters, drifters, hostile Indians and prostitutes sprinkled among the solid German immigrant citizens that founded it. Nagle came to believe that only God could have brought him to this place. A life-long Catholic, Nagle had slipped from grace with the Church over the years. His being here could not have been an accident but a part of God’s plan. Nagle’s renewed faith convinces him that his Maker wants him in 1872 for a reason. But what is that purpose? Was he sent here to change history? What was significant about being put in this place at this time in antiquity?

And while he waited for understanding of his circumstances, he needed to develop new coping skills to exist in this primitive environment. The modern contrivances he always relied on hadn’t been invented yet. This was a whole new ballgame. In fact, as he soon discovered, he would need some specialized skills pretty darn quick—just to stay alive.


The Tipping Point


Heart-pumping and entertaining, readers of THE TIPPING POINT: A Wainwright Mystery can’t help but keep moving forward until the end—and even then you will find yourself wanting more.

"If you took Barbarians at the Gate and The Firm and blended them together with the best stories of Michael Crichton and John Sandford, then you’d get The Tipping Point by Walter Danley.

From the slopes of Aspen to Caribbean beaches, Danley’s writing is on point in any climate. This is a can’t miss thriller!”

– Mark Fadden, award-winning author of The Brink.

Reading THE TIPPING POINT: A Wainwright Mystery is like watching a mystery and suspense movie. A chilling thriller novel brimmed with masterful subtleties The smooth writing style makes the narrative flow with a thrilling intricacy that truly gets the blood pumping.

Follow Garth Wainwright as he questions the death of a colleague. Ruled an accident, Wainwright knows his friend skied those same slopes his whole life. It was murder! Wainwright’s determination, developed after years in the investment world , forces him to look deeper, past the easy answers others have accepted.

A brilliantly written murder and suspense novel, it pursues questions of motive for his murdered business partner and finds that a conspiracy of fraud is in play. Answers lead only to more frightening mystery and suspense as Wainwright searches in places he never expected to look; places strangely close to home.

Full of intriguing characters in this international thriller, one is known simply as The Assassin. Part of his allure is that he came to his dark and illegal profession and how he rose to the top of a rotten barrel of hitmen in this murder novel.

THE TIPPING POINT: A Wainwright Mystery is a mystery thriller novel thoroughly loved by readers. With an iron-clad plot, believable characters, and suspense enough to keep you guessing until the very last page!