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For reason I won’t bore you with here, I moved to Boerne, Texas a bit more than 3 years ago, Leaving Southern California’s Laguna Beach for the parched plains of South Texas. This move was made somewhat easier with the knowledge that I would reconnect with my brother, Robert Danley. Before retiring to Boerne, Bobby was a building contractor in Hawaii. We had seen each other only four times in 40 years. He came to Los Angeles twice, to attend two of my weddings, and I went to Hawaii twice, on two different honeymoons.

The decision should have been harder than it was. I wanted to move here and be a Texan. I didn’t want horses−had several in California over the years− and I didn’t want to wear cowboy boots− been doing that with jeans and three piece suites for more than twenty-five years. What I did want, besides connecting with Bobby and Mary, was the attitude. Texans have attitude; about independence, about personal rights, about property rights, and most assuredly about state’s rights.

Some parts of California had that, a long time ago. Orange County, a non-rush hour drive south of Los Angeles, was considered a conservative bastion of free thinkers when my family moved to Anaheim in the pre Disneyland days. It changed. By the time I got out of the Navy/Marine Corp (I was a medic and served in both services) Disneyland and the money it brought had changed Anaheim forever. My high school Latin teacher, “Wild” Bill Daley, was elected Mayor while I was away. His son Tom served several Mayoral terms following in Bill’s footsteps, but Anaheim was no longer a small town. The power brokers from Sacramento sent minions to take advantage and changed the attitude. I moved to the beach.

I’m talken’ here ‘bout ATTITUDE!  I love history, and God knows, Texas has some of the best around. No other state had six different flags flown over her lands. In fact, few other states have had her boarders changed so often by so many. Did that have something to do with the Texas attitude? Maybe. But most likely it was what the people endured between being a territory of Spain and reconstruction after the Civil War that had greater impact on the attitude of those who lovingly call themselves Texans.

It sounds like a US History lesson is coming. NOT! I want to share some things that I have made note of. Things I’ve discovered about becoming a Texan. I hope that you will enjoy the reminiscence, whether you are a reader from Texas or from anywhere else. And that is the essence of a Texas Attitude. It’s Texas and everywhere else!

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