I Met a Lady Online…

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We were both in a Goodreads group…

…and an easy attraction developed. Each of us was about to finish our first novel and we shared the frustrations of, as Guy Kawasaki named it, Artisanal Publishing.  We emailed, outside of the group, and got better acquainted.

This was an exceptionally bright woman whose life experiences were as interesting as her future will be. How many lady woodworkers have you ever met? Interest grew gradually to become admiration. There were so many subjects to discuss. I soon considered her less as a colleague and more as a friend, a very good friend. I call her Angel.

Our novels got released about the same time.

We exchanged them. The copy she mailed of her book, Murder is a Family Affair, contained a personal inscription that I will always treasure. I hope she appreciated the sentiment I penned on the inside cover of The Tipping Point sent to her. My friend was the first to give my novel a five star review. I am so glad I did not disappoint.

After reading her novel, I learned that she is a most talented author. That reading also showed her to be a competent and dedicated researcher. I was impressed with both the scope and quality of the research she did. True-crime is a difficult genre, but this lady’s research was further complicated as the initial crimes took place over one hundred sixty years ago.

From our correspondence, I knew her to be dedicated to her craft and the artisanal publishing process. After reading her story, I added talent to my opinion of Donalie Beltran. Her novel, Murder is a Family Affair is a chilling read, made more so by the family she tracks over time to the present. The novel asks the question, Can evil be inherited? Her novel follows one family who believes it’s possible.  And then there is Donalie’s admonition on the book cover that will get your attention. It says; The Story is True.  The Family is Real.  The Family is mine.

Should you want to lose yourself in the story of the Tuxhorn families for some enjoyable hours of entertainment and discovery, visit a book store and pick up Murder is a Family Affairby Donalie Beltran. It will become one of your favorite books and Donalie one of your favorite authors. That is what can come from meeting a lady online. She becomes one of your favorite people.


Photo Credit: Luke Ma

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