Mailbox I marvel at the Internet and how much more productive my research for my novels has become. Of course not everything posted there is true or accurate. One must be careful, but often the messages are for your health and well-being. Take such as my email in-box. This morning I did a quick review of the mail sent to me from considerate and concerned users of the Internet.

It turns out that the internet knows things about me that will require my immediate action. (The senders have conveniently provided me several buttons to ease this process.) While not an attractive picture, the Internet Angels have determined that I have high cholesterol, I am over-weight, and I am sleep deprived. Most likely this last malady is caused by worrying about my cholesterol that turns have given me severe heartburn. Who of us can sleep with a case of heartburn?

The lack of sound sleep habits is bringing on premature balding. This, no doubt, is a result of tossing and turning while trying to sleep and rubbing my seriously stricken scalp on the headboard. Believe me, this is no joking matter!

Reading my ever-growing emails that warn of conditions describing disease and disabilities destined to destroy my drive, I find the one that predicts that I may have a propensity toward Alzheimer’s. I sure hope that is in the “not accurate” category. Nobody wants that debilitating disease, of course, but in one way it would be the solution to the horrors of my in-box. I could forget all about these terrible transcripts.

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