SAN ANTONIO, TX – TUESDAY AUGUST 9, 2016- In an  operation which brings to mind the epic struggle in The Old Man and the Sea, Dr. Michael Eppinger and his Thoracic Cardiac surgery team successfully performed the delicate triple bypass operation on Walter Danley, a suspense and mystery author patient at Audie L. Murphy Memorial Hospital in San Antonio, TX.

According to Dr. Eppinger, suspense writer’s hearts tend to be hard to find. “This vital organ must endure various twists and turns of plot that the writer creates for his story and that makes for exciting surgery. On the other hand, poets have fewer concerns about location. The heart is always right where you first look, on the poet’s sleeve. This saves the surgical team valuable time in the Operation Theater.”

Nurse Pat Huff, Dr. Eppinger’ s long-time colleague commented further that Danley may well be one of the last writers of his type to receive this type of surgery at ALMMH. While the hospital surgical board will make the final decision, Dr. Eppinger and Nurse Huff both believe the writing is on the wall. The only fiction writers that will be admitted for bypass surgery in the future are Romance writers. As Dr. Eppinger explained to this reporter, “It’s a no brainer. The heart is right where it is supposed to be, waiting treatment. No hunting or chasing down a reluctant heart. No, Romance writer’s hearts are ideal for this technique and soon may be the only organ qualified for it.

Dr. Eppinger said, “Danley was responding well to treatment and would soon be released to home rehab. “I just hope that he’ll abide our concerns about rushing into his next thriller . The grafts on his heart are fine and will with stand the pounding of writing a thriller. It’s those plot twist that we worry bout.”

Danley wishes to thank those who knew about the surgery and sent cards and good wishes his way. “They are one of the positives in all this negativity.” Danley’s pasty-white face took on a solemn expression as he added, “I’m no special case for this is deadly serious surgery,. I’m not the first to go through the process. I hope that by poking fun at it I can generate a smile or laugh where none was forthcoming. By joking about it, I in no way intended to belittle or degrade the procedure, the wonderful staff in the OR, ICU or a magnificent hospital facility.”

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