The Two Best Tools for Writers



As you know, I have rewritten my last novel, The Tipping Point, 2nd edition and understand from my publisher that it will release in print and eBook formats on Dec 14th. This is a major rewrite and I expect great sales because I’ve signed with other distributors who have a much longer reach in Europe, Asia, and India (a major eBook market. India has almost as many English-speaking/reading people as does the USA!).

The current work in process is the sequel to TTP2, Inside Moves. I really am having some fun writing this one. Right now I’m a bit stuck with the last scene. I’ve got a mansion in West Hollywood with fifteen bad guys, the protagonists, the antagonists, some assorted good guys and the FBI SWAT team all converging on the mansion and the fight that ensues is of historic proportions! For security reasons, I cannot tell you more…

Here’s what I can say…

I rely primarily on two tools for conceiving and composing my stories and drafts.



I have a software (mind-map) app that I love. Scrapple is a writers white board, as high and as wide as you care to make it, but it allows me to “outline” my story so I see the relationships of who, what, when and where. The “how” is missing, you say? Ah ha! That, my dear, is why they pay the big bucks. I get to control the how of the story and relish in the power of creation!



The publisher is yelling at me for the first draft, but I’m not there yet. I’ve used another writer’s tool, call Scrivener in conjunction with Scrabble and am somewhere about ninety percent done with the expanded outline (really, more like the manuscript is done, but needs fleshing out and some literary editing before I can ask for Beta Readers. Maybe another three weeks to get it to the copy editor, then the Beta Readers can have at it.

You can check these out for purchase here and here. I’m not an affiliate, just a fan!

Anyway, all of this is what I consider the fun part, but it will lead ultimately to the “other part”—the second draft! That rewrite is hardest for me, not sure why, but I dread it. If only I could live in the land of creating forever! Of course, I’d never get a book published, so that wish falls into the fabled fantasy fallout department. How do I deal with this? Grin and bear down harder.

If only there was an app for second drafts!…

It’s kind of like the way I feel for the first mile of my “power walk” in the morning, when both my legs and lungs protest in earnest. I have to tell myself, “This too shall pass.” But, it doesn’t, not for that first leg of a six-mile trot. When I lived in Santa Monica, with the wide flat concrete bike path in the sand, I took pride in being able to do the two and a half miles to Malibu and back in sixty minutes, a twelve-minute mile pace. But no more! As my birthday burdens increase, my exercise speed reacts in the opposite direction. Today, I’m overjoyed to cover six miles in ninety minutes. And I seriously covet the long flat of the beach. They call Boerne, TX the heart of the Hill Country for a good reason!

Until next time…


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