I’ve read many blogs; most from authors who like me do their own blogging. I’ve also subscribed to blogs from my favorite authors, especially that group I lovingly refer to as the double letters guys (DLG). You know them better as Michael Connelly, Nelson DeMille, Patricia Cornwell, Ken Follett, Clive Cussler, and the never to be forgotten, Dean Koontz. It makes me a little uncomfortable about my writing career since Walter Danley contains no double letters.

Now when you sell as many books as the DLG, have as many fans as they, you can’t expect that any of the DLG write their own blogs, and they don’t. Well, may be Koontz does sometimes. His blogs don’t come often, but when they do, it is pure Koontz sense of humor, and I love it! When you read a Koontz thriller, there are three things you can absolutely count on; there will a Golden Retriever in the story, you will be scared to death, and there will always be a happy conclusion. That is the type of reputation I’d like as a writer!

Speaking of my favorite authors (yes, there are many in addition to the DLG), I have wondered, which of their many talents brings a handful to the best seller lists? What do they have in common that binds them to the success in a complicated and changing publishing industry? I will share those thoughts in a later blog here, as I recently did in a column for the Explore.

I have been privileged to write a column for Explore, the very classy monthly magazine distributed every month in South Texas. From time-to-time I will include one of those articles here. They are fun to write (as I have to include the books on my TBR list) and share my impressions with the upscale readership of Explore. Let me share the current article from Explore from this month’s edition.

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